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Lebanon’s Oldest Law Firm Welcomes New Partner

Originally Published in The Wilson Post by Sabrina Garrett, Feb. 1, 2018   The oldest law firm in Lebanon has welcomed a new partner and recently unveiled new signage to signal the change. What was previously the law offices of Agee & Agee is now Agee & Tinsley. Jonathan Tinsley joined the practice founded by […]

Man arrested after woman dies in hit-and-run crash

Drivers need to pay attention when they’re behind the wheel. There is no excuse for being intoxicated and driving; there are taxis, buses, and other options for people who get drunk and need a ride. Choosing to get behind the wheel and act recklessly can cause serious harm to another person or leave someone dead; […]

You have a right to compensation after a pedestrian accident

If you’ve been hit by a car, you have already suffered a trauma many can’t begin to imagine. You’re injured, and on top of that, you’re unable to work and are quickly building up medical debt. Fortunately, the driver responsible for your injuries should have to cover your lost wages and medical debts. Before you […]

Weather changes to look out for as autumn approaches

As the end of summer approaches and autumn nears, it’s important to understand how changing weather patterns can impact the roads. While a weather event itself can’t be held accountable for any kind of accident, drivers who don’t take the weather into account can be seen as negligent and be held liable if they cause a crash. […]

2 injured in crash caused by shooting in La Vergne

As the victim of a car accident, you may be in a difficult position. You have to miss work while you recover, and if your injuries are severe enough, you may not be able to return to work. You have mounting medical bills, a damaged vehicle and financial losses of other kinds. The person who […]

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in pain and suffering

There are a number of common causes for truck accidents. Commercial vehicles have unique sizes and shapes that can make them more dangerous to others on the roads, and even minor driving errors in these vehicles can lead to devastating accidents. Some of the main reasons for truck accidents include inadequate training, systems that force drivers to […]

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