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Attorney Jonathan Tinsley

Attorney Jonathan Tinsley

Jonathan M. Tinsley is an attorney who focuses in the following areas of the law: probate law, estate planning, conservatorships/guardianships, business law, and civil litigation such as: real estate litigation, partition suits, landlord/tenant matters (representing landlords), etc. Jonathan practices almost exclusively in the 15th Judicial District of Tennessee which, includes of Wilson County, Tennessee, as well as Smith, Trousdale, Jackson, and Macon.  All of his cases are important to him regardless of the size of the case or the individuals involved.

Jonathan has made filings as lead counsel with the Supreme Court of Tennessee, as well as handled countless cases in General Sessions Court, Probate Court, Family Court, Circuit Court, Chancery Court, Criminal Court, and the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals. Jonathan has successfully represented and/or counseled corporate executives of publically traded companies, politicians, municipalities, law enforcement officers, well known country musicians, and has served on advisory boards for politicians and corporations.

Jonathan holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Nashville School of Law, graduating as Valedictorian, having the highest grade point average in his class out of eighty-one students.  He was a law clerk at the District Attorney General’s office, serving under the Honorable Robert N. Hibbett and was a legal assistant to Neal Agee, Jr. during law school. Jonathan earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University and an Associate’s Degree from Volunteer State Community College, graduating with honors. He had over ten years of experience in the real estate and auction industry and as a businessman prior to obtaining a law degree and entering the legal field.

Jonathan is the past President of the 15th Judicial District Bar Association, covering the five Tennessee counties referenced above. He is a native of Transylvania County, North Carolina and has resided in Wilson County, Tennessee since the fall of 2002. In his spare time Jonathan operates a livestock farm with his son, Solomon, which produces sheep. He also enjoys hiking, canoeing, hunting, fishing, and almost all outdoor activities.

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