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You have a right to compensation after a pedestrian accident

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You have a right to compensation after a pedestrian accident

If you’ve been hit by a car, you have already suffered a trauma many can’t begin to imagine. You’re injured, and on top of that, you’re unable to work and are quickly building up medical debt. Fortunately, the driver responsible for your injuries should have to cover your lost wages and medical debts. Before you take a settlement offer or negotiate with insurance, know what to expect from your injuries.

People hit by a car may have multiple injuries, making it difficult to see everything that’s wrong right away. For that reason, patients usually stay in the hospital for several days, if not longer, so tests can be performed.

The number of pedestrians who suffer head trauma typically increases with age. For instance, older adults are more likely to be thrown onto the hood of the vehicle and to then hit their heads on the windshield. This leads to more head injuries than for children who may be hit and pushed under the vehicle.

Spinal injuries are also common. As people age, their risk of injuries to the spine in a pedestrian accident increases as well. Those over the age of 65 are 21 times more likely to suffer a spinal injury in a crash compared to children.

Other kinds of injuries that may occur include splenic, gastro, liver and renal injuries. A person’s spleen could rupture, the intestines could be damaged, bruised or torn, and the liver could be lacerated among other conditions. Leg fractures, particularly of the tibia, are seen often in pedestrian accidents.

Regardless of your injuries, you deserve to get the compensation you need. Our website has more information on the steps you need to take next.

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