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Commercial vehicle accidents can result in pain and suffering

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Commercial vehicle accidents can result in pain and suffering

There are a number of common causes for truck accidents. Commercial vehicles have unique sizes and shapes that can make them more dangerous to others on the roads, and even minor driving errors in these vehicles can lead to devastating accidents.

Some of the main reasons for truck accidents include inadequate training, systems that force drivers to work faster for better compensation and unrealistic scheduling. Each factors into crashes, and all three may play a role of some kind depending on the business and what’s expected of the driver.

With inadequate training, the driver may not have been taught good techniques for handling the vehicle, may not be aware of common safety concerns with the vehicle or may not have learned to drive defensively. The driver might not have been taught to get out of situations like the start of a jackknife or what to do in case the brakes lock.

Businesses that use a system of compensation that encourages faster vehicle speeds pay their workers to get to locations faster than should be possible with safe driving habits. The problem is that workers who speed are more likely to be involved in accidents, and those who need to meet deadlines may even skip breaks or sleep less to meet them. Those actions can lead to drowsy and distracted driving, which causes many accidents a year.

Unrealistic scheduling is another concern, because it also encourages dangerous driving. Drivers should only be expected to meet schedules that consider slowdowns, construction, time off for breaks and other necessary limits that keep them driving at safe speeds.

For those hurt by drivers who had to meet deadlines or who were negligent, a civil lawsuit or settlement claim could be an option to pursue. Drivers may also be held accountable by police with criminal charges if they cause an accident.

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