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Weather changes to look out for as autumn approaches

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Weather changes to look out for as autumn approaches

As the end of summer approaches and autumn nears, it’s important to understand how changing weather patterns can impact the roads. While a weather event itself can’t be held accountable for any kind of accident, drivers who don’t take the weather into account can be seen as negligent and be held liable if they cause a crash. Here are a few different weather conditions to consider.

Wind speed is one factor that could have an impact on drivers. The stability of vehicles is altered when the wind speed is high, and the driver may have less control over the vehicle. High winds often affect traffic speeds overall and result in delays on the roads, which can result in drivers being frustrated or rushed.

Another thing that affects motorists in the fall is fog. As temperatures drop in the morning, fog is likely weather event that occurs. It affects visibility, so drivers have to remember to slow down and proceed only when it’s possible to see in front of the nose of the car.

Water levels may also rise in the autumn, as heavy rains can flood the area, submerging traffic lanes. Some drivers may try to drive through flooding, but this is dangerous and can flood the vehicle, leaving it disabled on the road.

If you’re hurt because a driver decides to risk speeding or driving in conditions that are dangerously impacting the roads, it’s important to make a report with the police at the scene and seek prompt medical care. After that, you can look into your legal options for pursing compensation, so your medical care and lost wages can be covered.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, “How Do Weather Events Impact Roads?,” accessed Sep. 14, 2016

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