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Middle Tennessee Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in pain and suffering

There are a number of common causes for truck accidents. Commercial vehicles have unique sizes and shapes that can make them more dangerous to others on the roads, and even minor driving errors in these vehicles can lead to devastating accidents.

Some of the main reasons for truck accidents include inadequate training, systems that force drivers to work faster for better compensation and unrealistic scheduling. Each factors into crashes, and all three may play a role of some kind depending on the business and what's expected of the driver.

2 injured in crash caused by shooting in La Vergne

As the victim of a car accident, you may be in a difficult position. You have to miss work while you recover, and if your injuries are severe enough, you may not be able to return to work. You have mounting medical bills, a damaged vehicle and financial losses of other kinds. The person who hits you should be responsible for those losses, which is why you can file a claim against the person who caused the accident.

It's not uncommon to be involved in a car accident, but what is uncommon is being involved in one linked to a shooting. According to a report from Sept. 12 on the La Vergne Patch, a vehicle ran a red light and hit a car. The driver of that car was injured, needing medical treatment.

Weather changes to look out for as autumn approaches

As the end of summer approaches and autumn nears, it's important to understand how changing weather patterns can impact the roads. While a weather event itself can't be held accountable for any kind of accident, drivers who don't take the weather into account can be seen as negligent and be held liable if they cause a crash. Here are a few different weather conditions to consider.

Wind speed is one factor that could have an impact on drivers. The stability of vehicles is altered when the wind speed is high, and the driver may have less control over the vehicle. High winds often affect traffic speeds overall and result in delays on the roads, which can result in drivers being frustrated or rushed.

You have a right to compensation after a pedestrian accident

If you've been hit by a car, you have already suffered a trauma many can't begin to imagine. You're injured, and on top of that, you're unable to work and are quickly building up medical debt. Fortunately, the driver responsible for your injuries should have to cover your lost wages and medical debts. Before you take a settlement offer or negotiate with insurance, know what to expect from your injuries.

People hit by a car may have multiple injuries, making it difficult to see everything that's wrong right away. For that reason, patients usually stay in the hospital for several days, if not longer, so tests can be performed.

Man arrested after woman dies in hit-and-run crash

Drivers need to pay attention when they're behind the wheel. There is no excuse for being intoxicated and driving; there are taxis, buses, and other options for people who get drunk and need a ride. Choosing to get behind the wheel and act recklessly can cause serious harm to another person or leave someone dead; if you've been victimized by a dangerous driver or have lost a loved one in a pedestrian crash, you know how true this can be.

A woman was charged with drunk driving for a fifth time for an accident that resulted in a pedestrian's death. According to authorities, the 55-year-old woman hit a person around 10:30 p.m. on June 16, but she didn't stop at the scene. Instead, they say that she continued on, leaving the victim to die at the scene.

Why are motor vehicle accidents common in the summer?

If you're heading out on the road this summer, be wary. It's not as safe as you might think it is.

Summer driving can be intense; the sun is hot, the weather can change in a moment, and there are many drivers on the roads. Commercial vehicles may be out in waves, as they work to provide goods to retail outlets that are benefiting from children being out of school or tourists shopping in busy areas.

You should seek compensation if you're injured by a driver

If you're involved in a car accident in Tennessee, you know that you have to seek medical care and work to get well over time. If you're disabled because of the crash, then you'll need compensation to help you get the rehabilitation you need to start working again, if it's possible.

When another driver strikes you and causes an injury, you have the right to seek compensation. If someone you love is killed and you suffer a financial loss, then you may also be able to seek compensation with a wrongful death claim.

Can an employer be responsible for an employee's actions?

When an employee makes a mistake, an employer can sometimes be held liable for that employee's actions. This is particularly true in cases of dangerous drivers who work for a company. For instance, if a truck driver is employed with a history of drunk driving in his or her cars but not on company time, the company may be held liable if he or she gets into a drunk driving collision while on the job.

Why can you hold an employer liable for an employee's actions?

Teen faces charges after pedestrian hit-and-run accident

As a pedestrian, the last thing you want to have to worry about is getting hit by a car. Still, accidents do happen, and if you are hit, you expect someone to stop after hitting you and come to your aid. This person may be the only one who is aware of the accident or who can call for help; that's why it's so important for drivers to stop after the collision. Besides that, you need to exchange information so you can receive compensation for your injury.

When someone doesn't stop, it's only fair that he or she faces consequences. That person essentially left you without even seeing if you were alive; that's unacceptable behavior. Take for instance this case out of Tennessee.

Tennessee laws and crossing the road safely as a pedestrian

Tennessee has many laws in place to help protect pedestrians from harm. They have the right of way in all intersections and in driveways, but they are required to act responsibly around the roadways when there are signals or signs directing them in a certain manner.

If you're hit by a driver in Tennessee, it's important to know the rules and laws that are in place. Here are a few that may be of interest to you.

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